Introduction to Water Broom for Garden Hose

Usually cleaning flat surfaces is very simple task and does not require any special tools to sweep off the dirt. However, depending on any sticky elements on the surface, you may require special tools for attending it as normal water broom will not work. This is where pressure water broom becomes handy. The prez`ssure washer broom utilizes pressure to help in cleaning. There are specific attachments that can greatly help with cleaning tasks. 

Watersweeper Water Broom
Among all the other attachments available, Watersweeper water broom stands out!! A perfect broom sweeper allows you to evenly wash flat surfaces and make cleaning much easier as you do not need to ache your back while cleaning. It is an eventual way to clean up sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, parking lots, tennis courts, courtyards, pool decks, curbs and many other places. This pressure washer broom saves your time, money, labor and water as it cleans 8 times faster than handheld spray nozzle. Watersweeper pressure floor sweeper operates using an ordinary garden hose and is built of heavy duty steel. It is a water broom for garden hose which also allows the cleaned area to dry on a quick basis which reduces the urban runoff. 

This hose broom is constructed for any easy use and do not have moving parts. The water broom produces a strong and wide line of water at a steady height for maximum sanitizing power. It is very light in weight and designed livable so that can be used by people of every age and height. One can easily push, turn and move the pressure washer broom with one-hand operation. Also it gets attached to any garden hose operating on municipal water pressure and can also hold warm water. 

The power washer broom is explicitly designed to clean off dirt, leaves, sand, food & beverages slops, birds and small animal feces. It also cleans pop cans, sticks, cigarette butts, small pebbles and pollen from surfaces. Along with this, pressure washer broom is also used to clean light mud from concrete, asphalt or any other open hard surface up to several thousand square feet both indoor and outdoor. The plus factor of this pressure washer broom is that it does not sabotage concrete, asphalt, any court coatings, deck stain or any of the surfaces. It can be used for both commercial and residential use. The applications of broom sweeper are at home, hotel and restaurants, office buildings, apartment complexes, swimming pools, tennis courts, stores, motels, casinos and school as well. These pressure sweepers are also used by auto dealers, service stations, golf courses, hospitals, parking structures, construction sites etc. 


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